Brabantse Bronnen

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Taxandria, Brabant lion, Brabants Heem, Kleine Meijerij and Land of Heusden and Altena

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This DVD was conceived by merging five separate CD-spending. The descriptions are taken from this expenditure.

The long-awaited release of Taxandria is a fact. This journal Brabant (ca. 16,000 pages s) contains a large amount of historical data on very different topics and were published between 1894 and 1943. It owes its importance largely to the extremely large discovery material in the fifty volumes is stored. Sources Publications, genealogical data, descriptions of manors and their history, church history, etc., alternate in colorful order. The general characteristic of the magazine is largely determined by attention to their own town and village in the Brabant region.

The Brabant lion was founded in 1952 as a successor to the genealogical magazine for North Brabant history and folklore Taxandria (1894-1943), which has already Stichting Historic Future on CD is issued. From teh outset, the editors saw teh genealogy is not the first place "as the knowledge of the registration of birth, marriages and death of our ancestors", but "as the science of the factors that our tribe is built." During more than half a century, interest in genealogy grew stormy. But there was remarkable qualitative growth. The improved accessibility of the archive funds, but also by the increased knowledge and skill of the family tree researchers is the journal of growing (help) scientific significance. This CD is as much as historians to benefit from the achievements of fifty years genealogical research in England. The more than 12,000 pages contain a wealth of information for the novice and advanced researcher.

This DVD contains the entire content of fifty volumes Brabants Heem (1949-1998), including the first issue appeared in 1948. Since the beginning Brabants Heem is always an interested audience of local focus. Yet the magazine also serves as an intermediary between researchers and local historians, and especially as an important medium for archaeological news. Therefore, this CD an indispensable reference for anyone researching or interested in aspects of the North Brabant local history, cultural history, archeology and ethnology. Also shows the contents of the developments and changes in local history in the past half century.

Local History Circle The Little Meijerij was founded in 1947 and is one of the oldest local history circles in England. The scope includes the municipality or cores Berkel-Enschot, Biezenmortel, Esch, Haaren, Helvoirt, Heukelom, Moergestel, Oisterwijk and Udenhout and 1970 and also Vught Cromvoirt. From its inception until now, the local history group, initially as typed and mimeographed articles, and professionally printed and later published in a brochure, local history and key areas of its work environment, captured.
The wealth of data is optimally accessible and more easily accessible on DVD.

Land of Heusden and Altena contains all of the Regional inventories, which are connected to the municipal Aalburg, Heusden, Werkendam Woudrichem and the water board and water board Alm Biesbosch. In total one hundred inventories, including inventories of the collection of former water boards in the area.

ISBN: 978-90-76650-37-1
Verschenen: 2011
Overig: Samenvoeging van eerder verschenen CD's over Brabant.