Amstelodamum 1900 - 2000

DVD 37.705 pages

Amstelodamum 1900 - 2000 All yearbooks & Monthlies

Automatically translated
The DVD contains the annals Amstelodamum from volume 1 in 1902 t / year to 91 in 1999. Further includes the monthly magazines Amstelodamum from volume 1 in 1914 to 86 in year 1999. The volumes are included in full, subject to any changes from practical considerations. In addition, the two appeared registers. One register from the year 1937 opens books and vintage t / m 1933. This register contains references not included on the DVD Amsterdamsch Yearbook. The second register was published in 1964 and explores the period 1934-1963. In 1948 published a chronicle of the years 1940-1945. Also, this record was recorded separately.

ISBN: 90-76650-11-X
Verschenen: 2000
Overig: Herdruk op DVD, 2011