Vanellus 1948 - 2008

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Association Journal of the Association of Friesian Bird Protection Guards. With many detailed nature information

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Bird Protection League.

The Friesian Association of Protection of Birds, BFVW short, was founded in 1947 by a number of people who are very concerned about the threats of nature and its living meadow birds in particular. During the last war was in fact the lack of effective control in a free field situation in which many for himself what belonged and what was not acceptable. Eggs from pasture and water birds were picked unlimited, but often did not take into account the statutory deadline. While there at the time there was a dense meadow population, would continue the anarchy described in the open field inevitably lead to its demise. Hence since 1942 initiatives were taken to form local bird watchers with 1947de from Friesian Association of Bird Protection Guards as an umbrella

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Verschenen: 2008