Taalkalender 1994 - 2007

CD 10.774 Pages

The Language Calendar is an annual celebration of 365 days and more facts about our language. On this CD are 14 volumes collected.

Automatically translated
The language
of our language is the calendar block calendar on language. 366 days full of linguistic facts, anecdotes and curiosities, for anyone who wants to know about the Dutch language. Monday to Sunday with the following topics:

Language: "Wise limitations', 'hospitals cutting staff', 'leaky bankers' and other media twists.
Etymology: What is a sugar daddy to sugar? From which language the words quiet, safari and snoeshaan?
Language Advice: Is it neatly neatly Dutch? And one can sense it and start with?
Echoic, Proclaim a grebe also "loons"? What sounds like zip, rrr, and shlopf toitoitoi, and how sound a coughing German and a French rooster?
The memory of words: Why do you call a goddess Vondel a sweet tart? What do you imagine a pious bear and a delicate child?
Sayings: Why is something half past six and not seven thirty, and why is not something for the baker and the butcher?
Linguistics: What's crazy the phrase "This sentence is false"? All languages ​​have a word for 'yes'? What is World English?

ISBN: xxx-xxx
Verschenen: 2007
Overig: Reprint 2011