Westerheem 1952 - 2004

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Westerheem 1952 - 2004 - Archeological magazine

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is the organ of the Archaeological Working Community for the Netherlands (AWN) and since the publication of the first issue in 1952 one of the leading periodicals of Dutch archeology. Not only the amateur or recreational archaeologists are contributing to the content, the professional archaeologists in this magazine do communicate their findings. For many decades, through Westerheem reports of new sites, the results of recent archaeological research presented and discussed interesting finds. The consistency between sites and the analysis of long-term research within regions are recurring themes. Other important components are the Westerheem literature description and the fortunes of the club, which is covered. Westerheem is thus an important source for the history of Dutch archeology and AWN become.
This DVD are the vintages 1952 - 2004 collection.

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Verschenen: 2004
Overig: Reprint 2011