Vlaamse Stam 1965 - 2001

DVD 30.695 pages

Key Publications for genealogists and Flemish heraldry

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The Flemish
Association for Family Studies was established in 1964 to all genealogists and Flemish heraldry together in an organization that would promote the spread and support the heraldic and genealogical research. To the widest possible public support, her magazine "Flemish Tribe" in 1965 saw the light, from the beginning oriented to the broad strata of the population. The content is very diverse: information, training, search techniques, genealogies, book reviews, bibliographies, remarkable discoveries, shields, clubs, in short, too many to mention, are extensively described. To date, 38 complete issues of the magazine appeared. Although the demand for back issues persist, it is impossible to comply. With the generous support of the Flemish Ministry of Culture has taken the initiative to all years through 2001 on CD and made available to the public. Approximately 30,000 pages can now quickly and effectively be searched and accessed.

ISBN: 90-76650-27-6
Verschenen: 2003