Utrecht: Rhenen en Omgeving

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Historical Journals Utrecht Rhenen and Environment

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the first edition of a series on Utrecht, the Trust Historic Future end of 2002 the Historical Society Oudheidkamer Rhenen and Environs approached with the suggestion a CD to produce 21 volumes of "Old Rhenen, the magazine about the history of Rhenen that spent since 1982. With the foundation on December 23, 1907, this club is the second oldest historical society in the province of Utrecht, after Flehite in Amersfoort. Rhenen has a rich history and exists as a city for about 750 years. She belongs with Amersfoort, Utrecht, Wijk bij Duurstede Montfoort and the five towns of the diocese, already in the Middle Ages among the States of Utrecht. To mark the 90th anniversary of the association in 1997 a jubilee song "Grip from Rhenen's Past 'spending, which at a glance an overview of local history, including all tangible evidence found for about 200,000 years ago. Unimaginably long time ago. This CD contains over 4000 pages, the complete text and all images from a number of frequently consulted sources for research into the history and surroundings of Rhenen.

The following works are included:
- All issues of the journal "Old Rhenen" (1981 t / m 2002)
- The miraculous legend of Lady Cunera
- Genealogy and Heraldry in Rhenen
- 500 years in Rhenen Cunera Tower (1492-1992)
- Jewish Rhenen (1634 - 1916)
- The Postal History of Rhenen Elst and Veenendaal
- The fate of Dutch farmers and settlers in Suriname
- Rhenen threatened, occupied, liberated (1940 - 1945)
- Rhenen 1940 - 1945 when I first knew what war was

ISBN: 90-76650-25-X
Verschenen: 2003