Taaltijdschriften 19de eeuw

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Magazines Language and Literature from the 19th century (1835-1907)

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On this DVD, with over 38.000 pages, the main journals in the field of literature and language from 19th century collection
Warehouse for Ned. Linguistics 1847-1852
Archive for Ned. Linguistics 1847-1853
News Archive Ned. Linguistics 1855
New Ned. Language Warehouse 1853-1857
Linguistic Warehouse 1835-1842
North and South (Dutch-Belgium) 1877-1907
Language and Literature 1891-1906
The Language Guide 1859-1867
Language and Literary Messenger 1870-1875
Our People Language 1882-1885

From the preface to the "Language and Bode 1870 Letter" successor to "The Phrase"

Will study our mother tongue to develop properly and also it civilized part of our nation bear fruit, there must exist a magazine that only the practice of it is devoted Netherlands. Hitherto, the Language Guide that need and proposed, thanks to the indefatigable zeal of his waking editors, for a number of years our scholars the opportunity to open it disclose the results of their research. But the death of the eminent TO STORE brought this change. His meritorious fellow worker, Mr. van Dijk, found himself by his
busy professional life was impossible to put the burden of the editorship to bear alone. 'T result was that the Phrasebook ceased to exist. From different sides were now attempts to create something new, but in vain. Finally turned to us with the heirs Bohn requested to accept the Editor of a magazine entirely in the spirit of the Language Guide furnished. Although all but blind to the great difficulties associated, however, we thought a moment so important in our case by a refusal should not stop you. Thus arose the Language and Letter Bode, as we foster child baptized, and we found ourselves forced it to enter redacteurspad thorny. Will our couriers have a long life?

The contents of the first part of Language Arts and illustrates the quality of the writers and the nature of the articles.

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