Onze Taal 1932 - 2011

DVD 20.202 pages

The leading magazine for the Dutch language in all its facets. Published by the Society Dutch Language

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The Society
Our Language is a club for fans of the Dutch language, whose aim is the responsible use of Dutch promotion. Already seventy years shows the association monthly magazine from our language. The release of this is the main activity of the society. The magazine contains articles about right or wrong language, legible writing, speaking and presentation, language and computer, argumentation, dictionaries, new words, the origin of words, spelling, youth language, etc. Our language gives his readers a linguistically sound and pleasant readable way about these issues. But it is also a magazine that readers have plenty to speak late. Stakeholders have ample room for responses from readers on published articles, the highlight of amusing - or frustrating - language phenomena and calls for information to help readers to identify words or phrases. Once or twice a year, a special issue in the past on such advertising language, "the language of love 'and' language and memory. All episodes of our language from the period 1932 - 2000 are now on a double CD released, offering a unique collection for anyone interested in our Dutch language and its history.

ISBN: 90-76650-12-8
Verschenen: 2001
Overig: Aanvulling 2007