Spreekwoorden en Gezegden

CD 8.178 pages

The most important proverb books from 1840 to 1950

Automatically translated
In the spring
of 2005, the CD Proverbs and Sayings - the main Dutch proverb books from 1840 to 1950 on CD. This is a publication of the Society Our Language Historic and Future Foundation. This CD are all represented major works, such as Harre Bome, Seaman, Laurillard, Stoett and Ter Avenue. In total there are 14 titles with more than 8,000 book pages. All books are full text searchable, although the diversity of the printed material has in some cases restrictions. The Dutch language has thousands of proverbs and sayings. They grow with the language, there arise new forms, meanings change over the course of time, and expressions become obsolete. Through this continuous development loan proverbs and sayings are perfect for growing new publications. The historical standard of work can be found on this CD. Study and development of meaning over time through this CD in a modern way possible. By digitization are saying no records or books, with many additions well and quickly searchable. In addition, the CD also rare works only in research libraries can be consulted.

ISBN: 90-76650-09-8
Verschenen: 2005