Adel en Patriciaat, de Rode- & Blauwe Boekjes

DVD 86.527 pages

Netherlands's Patriciaat 1910-1997
's Nobility Book 1903-1987
Weapon master Books with over 1200 colour drawings of coats of arms

Nederland's Patriciaat 1910 - 1997

38.740 pages

Herdruk as reprint available.
The so called "Blauwe Boekjes" Nederland's Patriciaat 1910 - 1997

Automatically translated
Netherlands Patriciaat's, the blue book from 1910.
The publication of the Netherlands in 1910's Patriciaat started by DG of Epen, director of the SA Central Bureau for Genealogy and Heraldry. After his death in 1930, the collections of the Bureau and the publication of the Netherlands's Patriciaat taken over by the Netherlands Foundation's purpose formed Patriciaat. Upon the establishment of the Central Bureau for Genealogy (1945), were far and sets of activities, including the publication of "blue book", it housed. Since then the series published by the Central Bureau for Genealogy. Meanwhile, in the series published genealogies of more than 1750 families. A complete list of, in the Dutch published Patriciaat families can be found in Part-80, 1997 (p. 486-520). Detailed reflections on the history of the series were written by Dutch Patriciaat O. Schutte, published in the "Yearbook CBS genealogy", and 1973 by CJM Brown and C. Schmidt, published in the "Yearbook CBS genealogy", 1980

Nederland's Adelsboek 1903 - 1987

45.155 pages

The famous "Rode Boekjes" Nederland's Adelsboek 1903 - 1987

This edition of the Dutch nobility book is aimed at individual researchers at the service stand.
So stand on this DVD 78 sectors of the Dutch Nobility Book, published in the period 1903-1987. The volumes have been accepted, subject to some changes for practical reasons. For example, blank pages without page numbers, as endpapers and rear sides of photo pages omitted. Transparencies with photo captions under the photos posted.
The CDs contain seven more books in conjunction with the series have appeared: "The Dutch Nobility" Part 1 (Part II was never issued) of Jhr. E.B.F.F. Wittert van Hoogland (1913),
to mark the centenary of Dutch independence. Furthermore, three lexicographic name records (1912-1918, 1919-1927 and 1928-1939) which refers to the registry 1919-1927 sources on both CD and therefore both included, two editions under the title "historical section" (respectively 1925 and 1930) and a particle "Notes" written by editor WJJC Bijleveld (1949).

Stam- en Wapenboeken

2.286 pages

Two imposing prints by around 1200 weapons stunning graphics, in color. Large Format.

Stam- en wapenboek Armorial significant Dutch families of the Netherlands nobility
Two famous and expensive spending about 1200 beautiful color drawings weapon, together with over 2,000 text pages with genealogical and heraldic details.
In 1883 and 1887 appeared the Armorial of the Netherlands nobility of JB Rietstap. An impressive work in two parts. Impressive because of the costly implementation and for its impressive dimensions. The work is alphabetically by design, are not always punctual genealogien, but the weapon graphics are still famous today. Rietstap writes in his preface, with understatement, "To the present findings should not be missed while some genealogical text, while the great artistic advances made ​​it possible to seize the color". Equally impressive is the stock and Armorial of large Dutch families. This book A.A. Vorsterman van Oijen appeared in three volumes in 1885, 1888 and 1890. The two editions are similar in their outward appearance. They are splendid works, great weapon designs. The originals are expensive, scarce and often incomplete because the weapons have disappeared over time. With this release on CD, you have the books available digitally, while, albeit with some limitations, full text can be searched. In addition to the weapons and texts that are incorporated into eg a Word file.
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Verschenen: 2011
Overig: De DVD is een samenvoeging van 3 eerdere uitgaven. De z.g. Rode- en Blauwe boekjes en Wapentekeningen