Residentie Almanak 1823 - 1903 The Hague and the Netherlands

DVD 52.794 pages

A kind of State Almanac about the Hague and the Netherlands. A very expensive series, now available for the first time

Automatically translated
The Residency Almanac (1823 - 1903) fits in an era when the world became smaller and more manageable.
Phileas Fogg could also be "Around the World in 80 Days" (Jules Verne, 1872) just because a complete reference. For genealogists, this series of yearbooks a wonderful resource, not only as "Who's Who", but also the staining of the time of our ancestors.

It has taken a great deal to the series to glean.
Residence-The Almanac provides not only information about The Hague but throughout the Netherlands.
The yearbooks give researchers much more than the title suggests. It's really about a sort of almanac and state that it is important to know because between 1830 and 1862 in our country there is no published salman tasks. The Hague almanacs naturally begin with an overview of the dynasty, and then give an overview of the Members of Parliament and key officials, as well as mayors and secretaries of all Dutch municipalities, judges and lawyers, and so on.
There are also variations on what we now would call the timetable, and departures to foreign ports. The Almanac is an almanac Hague, especially all booksellers, doctors, obstetrician, churches and associations in the city.
Supplement is still included the curious edition "La Haye et diplomatic mundane" including lists of days on which one "jour" was

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Verschenen: 2010