Nederlandse Alba Studiosorum & Promotorum

CD 11.807 pages

Dutch students and PhD's since 1550 in Europa

Automatically translated
Students who were studying at a university were enrolled in the 'album Studiosorum. Such records for genealogical research are very interesting. That is why the Central Bureau for Genealogy publishes alba of Dutch universities on CD-ROM.

Social Networks
For genealogical research, such alba obviously interesting. When certain ancestors had occupations like lawyer, doctor or minister is likely to have a university training. Through the studio Sorum alba can be traced to any university that has been. Early existed within certain socio-economic groups and religious traditions regarding college choice. And then it was the alma mater "our kind of people" against. Choosing a college is often betrays so little about the background of the student and in the Studiosorum alba often found a nice overview of social networks that have endured a lifetime.

Alba Studiosorum on CD
It is therefore not surprising that the Central Bureau for Genealogy since its inception printed alba Studiosorum collects. These records are often difficult to find because they are printed in small quantities. It therefore seemed a good idea to spend a collection alba on CD.
The inclusion of the selective alba Studiosorum we should proceed. Initially we chose the Alba Studiosorum of Dutch universities and, where possible, including non-university higher education institutions by 1900. Sometimes it is an album full stop, sometimes an article where a representation of the album are a part of. Because Dutch 1575 for studies resorted to foreign universities, we also look to see which entries are all here for the Dutch universities in foreign subscriptions. In addition, we met a lot of publications about Dutch students from abroad and found some foreign alba Studiosorum already on the internet are full. Conversely, there are publications on foreign students at Dutch universities.

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