De Navorscher 1851 - 1960

DVD 50.622 pages

The Navorscher 1851 - 1960, covers a wide area including cultural history, genealogy and heraldry and literature

Automatically translated
Navorscher is a remarkable magazine, which was first published in 1851 (with some interruptions) until 1960 would remain. The magazine sought a means to make 'reflection and literary intercourse between all who know something, something to ask or anything to solve "and aimed" the weetgierigen Navorscher in his work to assist "by publishing the whole background in the field of science and art. With the exception of the first volumes are spending a thematic format with headings like history, antiquity, currency and numismatics, gender and heraldry, history of literature, linguistics, art history and - later - music history, church history and folklore or folklore.
The publication of The Navorscher on DVD gives the researcher access to more than 50,000 pages unique source material.

ISBN: 90-76650-10-1
Verschenen: 2000
Overig: Herdruk 2011