Natura 1901 - 2003

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100 years Natura 1901 - 2003, the club magazine of the KNNV

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The Royal
Dutch Natural History Society (KNNV), incorporated on December 27, 1901, is a nature study, which is also dedicated to promoting nature conservation and nature. Currently the association has over 8000 members, including not only interested amateur naturalists and biologists as well as professionals. The magazine is called Natura and six times a year. The name "Natura" has been used since March 1906. As of March 1902 was preceded the "Monthly magazine of the Dutch Natural History Society 'and the creation of the KNNV in 1901 launched" Co Weltevreden of the Dutch Natural History Society "on some pages in the magazine" The Living Nature ".

• All volumes of Natura 1906 to 2003, those of the "Monthly" from 1902 to 1906 and the preceding "Co Weltevreden".
• Also included is the jubilee "80 years KNNV, 1901-1981" by JA Nijkamp. Much of this book (pages 22-70) is dedicated to Natura. Nijkamp it also has many other activities within the association described.
At the jubilee "80 years KNNV, 1901-1981" also includes a list of errata compiled by Bettie Coops.
• Also written by Bettie Coops Finally, an overview of 100 years Natura, which successively publication frequency, numbering and format, and content editing and special or themed songs are described.
This source of (natural) history information with this simple issue has become accessible.

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Verschenen: 2004
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