KNOB Bulletin 1899 - 2009

DVD 29.416 pages

Journal of the Royal Dutch Archaeological Association with a very high level of articles and graphics

Automatically translated
On January 7, 1899, at the initiative of the Dordrecht city archivist Mr.dr. J.C. Overvoorde the Mint Building in Amsterdam the Netherlands Chen Archaeologists Bond founded an organization of 'archaeological societies and museum boards in the Netherlands.

The union took aim at including the common interests and promote the spirit of ancient art and archaeology in all circles of society to cultivate. This objective could be achieved among others by publishing a newsletter as an organ of the League.
In June 1899, the first issue of the body of the Union, the Bulletin, the name it still bears Federal Institution. Over the years, the character of the Association into an organization of individuals. Many of the original objectives in the area of ​​the museum and archives were achieved in the past century.

The Association was in later years focus on the scientific aspects of the heritage, the architectural and building history research, archaeology and heritage sea. The Bulletin was the mouthpiece of the Association in these fields.

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