Indisch Genealogisch Onderzoek

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Publication of the Indische Genealogische Vereniging

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DVD, compiled by the Indian Genealogical Society (IGI), contains over 6400 pages of information on Indian genealogical research, focusing on the East Indies lies. Besides the publications of the association itself, his only major pre-war standard works included.
The DVD contains the following publications:

The Indian Navorscher (old series, from 1934 to 1941)
The original Indian Navorscher was the organ of Genealogical and Heraldic Circle and appeared in Batavia from 1934 t / m 1941. The outbreak of World War II brought an end to this series.

The Indian Navorscher (new series, from 1988 to 1997)
The Indian Navorscher, organ of the Indian Genealogical Society can be regarded as the modern successor to the above issue.

Sources Publications of the Indian Genealogical Society (part 1 - part 7)
Objective of the IGI, except to publish genealogical data, also original sources for the researcher to make available, which are published in the series Sources Publications.

Genealogical and heraldic memorabilia on Europeans in Java (Part 1 - Part 4)
These books are among the most consulted publications for Indian genealogical research.

Our Progeny (selected series of articles, from 1932 to 1935)
This, in a few libraries present series of articles on Indo-European family of Bloys of Prince Treslong from our Posterity, provides data on such small n 200 Indo-European family.

Luxembourg Deutsche aus bei der Englisch-Ostindischen von 1780 bis 1895 Kolonialarmee
This 80-page publication containing the information specified in Luxembourg soldiers of the East Indian Army over the period 1780 to 1895.

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