Haarlem en Omstreken

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Historical journals Noord-Holland: Zuid-Kennemerland

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Foundation Museological & Historical Perspective Noord Holland is a collaborative project set up in which the historical societies in the South-Kennemerland their historical journals available digitally. Each historical society has its own town's most important publications selected. All these journals are now bundled Foundation Historic Future on DVD. Association of Haarlem, the Annual Reports 1904 - 1928, Yearbooks 1929 - 2000 and the Register 1929 - 1965 included. With over 16,000 pages is the annual series of yearbooks and a rich, frequently consulted source. The Foundation is periodically Santpoort The Zandpoort 1978 - 1999 and also included the reports of the Foundation between 1976 and 2001.
The Foundation Our Bloemendaal are all issues of the magazine Our ​​Bloemendaal 1977 - 2001 on the DVD inserted. Initially called the leaf of the Association of Former Heemstede-Bennebroek 'Newsletter' since 1999 and delights. The numbers 1 / 110 to be recorded and thus cover the years 1973-2001. More-History Foundation (Haarlemmermeer) since 1973 has its own periodical. The editions of 2001 are to put on the DVD. The Historic District since 1992, the magazine brings Velsen Velisena out. Of these the volumes 1992 - 2001 included. Also, the special issue "Velsen 1940 - 1945, a church in time of war" included. The Society Old Zandvoort has its own magazine, the Klink (1980-2000). Besides Gemeenteblad Zandvoort (1963 - 1977), eleven publications of local interest included.

ISBN: 90-76650-23-3
Verschenen: 2002
Overig: Herdruk 2011