De Gids 1837 - 1937

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The Guide is a general cultural and literary magazine, founded in 1837 by Robide Potgieter and van der Aa, subsequently published by the Amsterdam publisher Beijerinck (1837-1840), Van Kampen (1840-1949 and 1953-1962, in the interim by De Haan
Utrecht) and Meulenhoff (1962-2005), the current publisher Balance.Originally, the contents of some book reviews and partly of "miscellany", as usual in those days, but got it after a dozen years a more general cultural, liberal political In 1863 Busken Huet joined the editorial staff, and the emphasis shifted back to the literature. The Guide was increasingly a magazine from him and Potgieter together, which met with resistance from other editors that the newcomer Huet "like schoolboys" treated felt. A negative review of Huet was blown up and saw a riot in 1865 forced his resignation, followed by Potgieter, who chose his side. Led by bankers, lawyers and professors who, besides their actual occupations experienced the literature as an afterthought, then dropped the guide path to a deep level of insignificance. In the eighties of the 19th century seemed's Guide dozed off into a long hibernation, but it was there, startled by the enthusiasm of a group of young writers and poets, the literary history later, "The Eighties" baptized, who opposed the half-literary elite that the price of certain leaves, and in 1885 founded his own magazine: The New Guide. Not that The Guide is now time went along. But by one of the Eighties, Albert Verwey predicted demise of the magazine did not come. While it did evolve only slowly open to new developments and continued drafting essentially conservative, equally well received in later years, writers like Mark Twain (who in 1911 with The uitvreter in The Guide debuted), Roland Holst, Aart van der Leeuw and Marsman occasion there publish their work...

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