Genealogie & Heraldiek in de Oorlogsjaren

CD 5.722 pages

All major publications from 1940 - 1945
including Sibbe

Genealogy and heraldry in the war years

Automatically translated
The Digital Reference series brings the Central Bureau for Genealogy is now a CD-ROM with the most important genealogical and heraldic publications in the Netherlands during the Second World War have appeared. The CD-ROM is a unique document of a controversial time period in the history of Dutch genealogy and contains numerous genealogical and heraldic data, which for the first time are collected.

The 1930s were genealogy and heraldry in growing popularity. Were mostly people from the formerly wealthy circles who were interested in family history, was now much wider circle of interested parties. The revival of this' popular genealogy is associated with the rise of the local history movement in the same period, in response to the economic crisis of the thirties to social renewal sought and a new sense of community, a "national unity" was trying to create.

During the war years, this emphasis on public awareness and community spirit in the Dutch genealogy - "clan skill" called - even stronger. Several prominent 'clan experts' failed to keep their distance from the new rulers in their publications and came close to the National Socialist ideology and went so far as they are this
he identified. A majority of genealogists will be much less ideological and solely inspired by interest in the family history reasons. Most genealogical and heraldic publications from the war years are virtually untraceable. That's unfortunate, because in this period a lot of published genealogical field. Some publications are mainly due to the time or interesting picture that emerges because of the information they contain. The documentary value of other goes much further. The MEB has decided the most important genealogical and heraldic spending from the war on CD to make.

The CD contains over forty titles. These journals, serials, independent expenditures and typescripts, the magazine is undoubtedly the most modern design Sibbe, the monthly magazine of the Dutch Association for Engineering Sibbe that between 1941 and 1944 was issued. The first episodes each contain a pedigree of a well-known figure in Dutch history. In the first episode was that enshrined the Socialist leader Troelstra, later we see pedigree charts of celebrities like Mengelberg and Schaepman.

The CD contains the entire Library of Genealogy and Heraldry. This series counts include Introduction to the heraldry of JCPWA Steenkamp, ​​various publications of heraldry C. Pama (then also known for its genealogical radio talks), studies of brands and J. Tolls of Dutch experts clan from 1944 to 1850 that forty years after publication is still the only biographical dictionary of Dutch genealogists is. Furthermore, the CD studies on bookplates, memorial stones, family names, the eastern colonization, ancient tombstones and militaria available, and the National Socialist People's Ewiges of the Verband Deutscher Sippenforscher in the Niederlanden.

ISBN: 978-90-5802-055-0
Verschenen: 2007