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'Own magazine is one of the first activities of many historical societies. Hand to facilitate contact between members, to other researchers an opportunity to express their views historical and genealogical information to publish. From the sixties began in the Gelderland river area historical groups' contact sheet 'or' statement leaves "to spend.
The Historic Foundation of the Future now has four regional magazines and a regional historical magazine, published by an archives, together.

Tussen de Voorn en Loevestein
In 1965, the first issue of Between the Roach and Loevestein, contact sheet of the Historical Circle Bommelerwaard. From number 72 (1990) has the subtitle: journal of the Historical Circle Bommelerwaard.

The first issues of the journal of the Historical Society for the Land of Maas and Waal and the Nijmegen West appeared in 1964 under the name "Journal contact. In 1968 came the name Mesopotamia on the title page. From 1972 the name of the magazine: Mesopotamia, Maas and Walloon regional history magazine.

Tabula Batavorum
In 1968 began the Historic District and Environs Kesteren a communications-leaf, 1974, from the leaf of this circle called Tabula Batavorum. In the years 1982 -1983 the circle began Kesteren and surroundings to work with a few neighboring historical societies in the Betuwe. The joint magazine they were publishing was then called Tabula Batavorum wear. Since 1985, the magazine no longer published by various historical circles but by a separate foundation, which was given the name of the magazine: Tabula Batavorum Foundation. In 2000 the journal ceased and the foundation proceeded to publish a yearbook entitled Retrospective ....

Communications of the Historical Circle West Betuwe
In 1972, the first issue of the newsletter of the Historical Circle West Betuwe. Except for minor changes in the size of the edition is the edition of the magazine changed.

De Drie Steden
The regional archive Tiel-Culemborg Neighbor began in 1980 with the publication of The Three Cities, Regional History magazine Tiel, Culemborg and Buren. In 1999, a merger between the Archives of Tiel, Culemborg and Buren with the CLIP-Streekarchivariaat municipalities (Kesteren-Lienden-Echteld-Maurik). The new archives continued under the name Riverland Regional Archives. Changed by combining the work of the service, which is also reflected in the contributions to the magazine. Since 2001 the department of the magazine with a new design and the sub-regional historical magazine for the Riverland.

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