Gelderse bronnen

DVD 40.406 pages

Gelre association:
Contributions and Communications 1898-1998
Loan Deed Book records
Deeds and Knighthood Oorkonden

Gelre: Bijdragen & Mededelingen 1898 - 1998

29.274 pages

Bijdragen en Mededelingen┬┤ van de Vereniging Gelre 1898 - 1998

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Contributions and Communications' Association of Guelders from 1898 to 1998. The purpose of the Association is the practice of Guelders Gelderland history, archeology and law by publishing original documents and papers in that area. It does this by issuing periodic 'Contributions and Communications ", which since 1898 appears, and especially the last 50 years has many articles. On this double CD also includes the reasoned indexes on the Contributions and Communications and the jubilee of the association Gelderland, Gelderland '100 Year '.

Gelre: Leenregisters

4.929 pages

Leenregisters Gelre en Grondslagen voor een bibliographie van Gelderland

Loan Registers Guelders and Principles for a bibliography of Gelderland. Among the main sources for various aspects of historical research are undoubtedly loan records. These loan instruments by their nature and content an important source for genealogists, researchers, housing, legal historians and many other research disciplines. This CD-ROM are the records of the duchy of Guelders and Zutphen county record and the records of the loan deed books of the Upper Quarter, the Stichtse Mesh Beekse Overijssel and borrow the banner glory Baer, Emmerich and Klarenbeek. This CD-ROM is complemented by the inclusion of the work of P. Gouda Quint, the Principles for a bibliography of Ontario from 1908, a very useful reference book, did with two sequels (1927 and 1952) and annual supplements is completed.

Gelre: Ridderschap, Oorkonden

6.431 pages

Ridderschap, Oorkonden en Acten

Sources Gelderland. The Historic Future Foundation has a certain number of frequently requested but inaccessible, publications on CD-ROM put Guelders. These include the following expenses: the six parts' memorabilia from the history of England (1286-1538) "by IA Nijhoff, published between 1830-1875, "The knighthood of the Veluwe 'from 1859 and the" lords and knights of the Zutphen Banner "in 1877 by WJ D'Ablaing of Giessenburg, "The chivalry of the quarter of Nijmegen" in 1899 by PANS van Meurs and the "Deeds relating Gelderland and Zutphen, (1107-1415) 'by PN of Doorninck and J.S. Van Veen of 1908.

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Verschenen: 2011
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