Capita 150 years of Catholic life in the Netherlands

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Pastoral letters 1853-2003.
History Diocese of Haarlem 1873-1957
History Diocese of Utrecht 1875-1958
History Catholic Netherlands 1959-1991

Katholieke geschiedenis van Nederland ca. 1850 - 2000

Automatically translated
Pastoral letters 1853-2003
Half century episcopal leadership of the faithful entrusted to them.
In the one hundred and fifty years that have elapsed since the restoration of the episcopal hierarchy in the Netherlands in1853, the Dutch bishops to 2003 with each letter written in 2231. These are letters in which a greater or lesser degree has been Magisterium. Letters only "service announcements" are ignored. This is simply a half century bishop speak for consultation became available. Whether the social doctrine, the role of priests and laity, the women, the choice between unions and state organizations, the conjugal ethics or opposing the persecution of the Jews: all the bishops on this subject by virtue of their position on the pulpit have read aloud "in all churches and chapels which the rector is appointed", this DVD is soon to find.
Furthermore, this DVD series of works included the following:
Contributions to the history of the diocese of Haarlem (1873-1957)
Archive for the History of Hell Archdiocese of Utrecht (1875-1958)
Archive for the History of the Catholic Church in the Netherlands (1959-1991)
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