Van der Aa, Aardrijkskundig & Biografisch Woordenboek

DVD 15.873 pages

The famous work of Van der Aa, where the Netherlands (1850) meticulously described

Aardrijkskundig Woordenboek

11.395 pages

The famous work of Van der Aa, where the Netherlands (1850) meticulously described.

Automatically translated
This famous reference book in 13 parts of Abraham Jacob van der Aa was published between 1839 and 1851. The work is alphabetically by design. The description of the sites is detailed and extremely accurate. No other job gives briefly, as nuanced a topographical image of the Kingdom of the Netherlands (including overseas territories) of about 150 years ago. In most archives one finds a slightly smaller reprint, which appeared around 1976. The original series is expensive and the reprint is sold out. By this publication on DVD, this famous Geographical Dictionary of the Netherlands is now available for any interested.

Biographisch Woordenboek

4.478 pages

Biographies of eminent persons with beautiful lithographs.

Biographisch Woordenboek der Nederlanden
"Containing biographies of such persons, who are in any way in our country have celebrated their trade ". By AJ van der Aa, a member of the Society of Dutch Literature in Leiden. In 12 volumes appeared loops 1852 and 1878 when, JJ van Brederode, Haarlem . the many family descriptions in the centuries before 1850 may in genealogical research is a welcome addition to the already collected data. This DVD contains the complete text of the original 12 parts van der Aa, including lithographs. All pages can display viewed and printed, full-text search is possible, although the nature of hell are printing some restrictions. Through this release on DVD, this valuable reference book antiquarian now available for any interested.
ISBN: 97890-5802-0802
Verschenen: 2011