Amstelodamum 1900 - 2000

DVD 37.705 pages

Amstelodamum 1900 - 2000 All yearbooks & Monthlies

Brabantse Bronnen

DVD 49.874 scans

Taxandria, Brabant lion, Brabants Heem, Kleine Meijerij and Land of Heusden and Altena

Gelderse bronnen

DVD 40.406 pages

Gelre association:
Contributions and Communications 1898-1998
Loan Deed Book records
Deeds and Knighthood Oorkonden

Gelders Rivierengebied

CD 6.411 pages

Historical Journals Gelders Rivers

Haarlem en Omstreken

DVD 30.188 pages

Historical journals Noord-Holland: Zuid-Kennemerland

Indisch Genealogisch Onderzoek

DVD 6.486 pages

Reprint available.
Publication of the Indische Genealogische Vereniging

Regerings - Almanak Nederlandsch Indië 1815-1942

2 DVD's 184.071 pages

Unprecedented rich resource for researchers
Regerings-Almanak Nederlandsch-Indië 1815 - 1942

Residentie Almanak 1823 - 1903 The Hague and the Netherlands

DVD 52.794 pages

A kind of State Almanac about the Hague and the Netherlands. A very expensive series, now available for the first time

Utrecht: Rhenen en Omgeving

CD 4.297 pages

Historical Journals Utrecht Rhenen and Environment

Vlaamse Stam 1965 - 2001

DVD 30.695 pages

Key Publications for genealogists and Flemish heraldry