TOP 10

Van der Aa, Aardrijkskundig & Biografisch Woordenboek

DVD 15.873 pages

The famous work of Van der Aa, where the Netherlands (1850) meticulously described

Adel en Patriciaat, de Rode- & Blauwe Boekjes

DVD 86.527 pages

Netherlands's Patriciaat 1910-1997
's Nobility Book 1903-1987
Weapon master Books with over 1200 colour drawings of coats of arms

Brabantse Bronnen

DVD 49.874 scans

Taxandria, Brabant lion, Brabants Heem, Kleine Meijerij and Land of Heusden and Altena

Gelderse bronnen

DVD 40.406 pages

Gelre association:
Contributions and Communications 1898-1998
Loan Deed Book records
Deeds and Knighthood Oorkonden

De Gids 1837 - 1937

DVD 206.896 pages

Monumental DVD that gives a unique glimpse into the literary life of our ancestors

De Nederlandsche Leeuw 1883 - 2008

DVD 27.515 pages

For over 125 years the most important magazine in the Netherlands in the field of genealogy and heraldry

Regerings - Almanak Nederlandsch Indië 1815-1942

2 DVD's 184.071 pages

Unprecedented rich resource for researchers
Regerings-Almanak Nederlandsch-Indië 1815 - 1942

Residentie Almanak 1823 - 1903 The Hague and the Netherlands

DVD 52.794 pages

A kind of State Almanac about the Hague and the Netherlands. A very expensive series, now available for the first time

Vlaamse Stam 1965 - 2001

DVD 30.695 pages

Key Publications for genealogists and Flemish heraldry

De Wapenheraut 1897-1920 & Gedenkwaardigheden

CD 16.360 pages

The Wapenheraut 1897-1920 Genealogical and Heraldic & memorabilia in the Churches of the Netherlands 1919 - 1961