Van der Aa, Aardrijkskundig & Biografisch Woordenboek

DVD 15.873 pages

The famous work of Van der Aa, where the Netherlands (1850) meticulously described

Adel en Patriciaat, de Rode- & Blauwe Boekjes

DVD 86.527 pages

Netherlands's Patriciaat 1910-1997
's Nobility Book 1903-1987
Weapon master Books with over 1200 colour drawings of coats of arms

Algemeen Nederlandsch Familieblad 1883 - 1900

CD 6.942 pages

General Dutch Family Journal, belongs to the basic set of every-heraldic genealogical library area

Amstelodamum 1900 - 2000

DVD 37.705 pages

Amstelodamum 1900 - 2000 All yearbooks & Monthlies

Armorial Général 1884 - 1887

CD 2.516 pages

Armorial Général; facsimile edition only searchable alphabetically. The restrictions will lead type when searching through the index

Brabantse Bronnen

DVD 49.874 scans

Taxandria, Brabant lion, Brabants Heem, Kleine Meijerij and Land of Heusden and Altena

Capita 150 years of Catholic life in the Netherlands

DVD 87.645 pages

Pastoral letters 1853-2003.
History Diocese of Haarlem 1873-1957
History Diocese of Utrecht 1875-1958
History Catholic Netherlands 1959-1991

CBG Yearbooks 1947 - 2010

DVD 16.199 pages

Available as reprint.
The yearbooks and quarterly magazines 1947 - 2010 by the Central Bureau for Genealogy belong to the core area genealogical publications

Gelderse bronnen

DVD 40.406 pages

Gelre association:
Contributions and Communications 1898-1998
Loan Deed Book records
Deeds and Knighthood Oorkonden

Gelders Rivierengebied

CD 6.411 pages

Historical Journals Gelders Rivers